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tesa Strapping and Filament Tapes

Application includes bundling, palletising and end tabbing, securing and fixing.

Applications for bundling and strapping tapes are endless, but some of the most common uses include securing palleted goods, bundling units of items, and color coding items or areas. These tapes combine easy application, good performance, and very high tensile strength.

tesa’s range of adhesive strapping tapes can be divided into four categories.

General Purpose strapping tapes have a tensilised MOPP (monoaxially oriented polypropylene i.e. stretched lengthways) polypropylene backing and feature properties such as ageing and UV resistance and residue-free removability.

Strapping tape for Bundling and Palletising feature a very high tensile strength, good tear resistance and high bond strength, the strapping tapes for Transport Protection provide a secure bond but additionally feature residue-free removability and do not discolour or stain the surface after removal.

Strapping tapes can also be used as handle reinforcement on corrugated packaging, ideal when the goods being packed are heavy, such as drinks bottles or cans.

For palletising, bundling, end tabbing securing and fixing, a filament tape which is strong and tear resistant is needed.