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Functional Emulsifiers

GSI, one of the top food ingredient manufacturers in Malaysia offers full range of Functional Emulsifiers for food processing industries domestically and internationally. Functional food ingredients enhance product quality, taste, improve yields, outputs and reduces overrun cost. Functional Emulsifiers also widely use in the non food industries such as plastics and packaging materials.


Allows smooth mixing of ingredients, prevents separation, keeps emulsified products stable, reduces stickiness, controls crystallization, and keeps ingredients dispersed and more.


Salad dressings, peanut butter, chocolate, margarine, frozen desserts, bakery, confectionary

Ingredients List

Soy lecithin, mono – and Diglycerides, polysorbates, sorbitan monostearate, ACETAM, DATEM, SSL, CSL, glycerol esters, poly glycerol esters, DMG, propylene glycol esters, sorbitan esters, sugar esters and more.


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