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> WYPALL* Microfiber with MICROBAN®

These Microfiber Cloths helps inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the cloths, limiting the use of cleaning chemicals. This provides a viable green cleaning option, and allows you to demonstrate your environmental responsibility to your customers.

Microfibre material is made by splitting fibres into tiny pieces and knitting them into a super-cleaning cloth that effectively traps soil and absorbs liquid for a streak-free shine. When dampened with water, physically remove up to 99% of bacteria from non-porous surfaces.


WYPALL* Microfiber with MICROBAN® Protection features:

  • thick, heavy & durable
  • remarkably absorbent
  • able to hold up to 8 times their weight in liquid
  • ale to be washed up to 300 times
  • with super smooth texture of the “Green” microfiber cloths that especially designed for glass and mirror cleaning, ensuring low streaking on high shine surfaces e.g. metal banisters, elevator buttons/interiors, windows and mirrored surfaces.

Available in Size and Color :

Size 30 x 30cm 

  • Color: Yellow    Code: 84610
  • Color: Blue       Code: 84620
  • Color: Green     Code: 84630
  • Color: Red        Code: 84980

Size 20 x 20cm

  • Color: Blue      Code: 94228
  • Color: Green    Code: 94229