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> Kimberly-Clark Oil Sorbents

Oil Sorbent is ideal for production and maintenance operations to control leaks and spills of lubricant oil, diesel, hydraulic fluids, gear lube, gasoline and heating oil.


Kimberly-Clark Oil Sorbents are available in 2 types :

Code: 42411 – Oil Sorbent Pads

Picture on the left.

Key features:

  • 100% Polypropylene fiber material
  • Hydrophobic, non-porous
  • Oil spill cleaning solutions
  • Clean, Light-weight and Perforated
  • Contains less than 0.1% ash after burnt
  • 1 case = 100 sheets


Code: 94202 – Oil Sorbent Socks

To prevent leakage on irregular surfaces.

Case content = 12 pcs/cs