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> Loctite® Flood System Controller

This Loctite® LED Flood Controller 1359255 supplies electrical power to the Loctite LED Flood Array (375 nm wavelength, item # 1167582; 405 nm wavelength, item # 1167593, or Indigo™ wavelength, item # 1167589) and controls the time that the LED is kept on during the cure cycle. The LED Flood Array wavelength is selected according to the curing requirements of the adhesive. A connecting cable, item # 1333333 as well as the Flood Array is sold separately.

This Controller has three different control modes:

  • Manual on-off operation via the footswitch (supplied).
  • Timed on-off control via the built-in timer on the front panel.
  • Automated control via a customer-supplied PLC.

Product Features:

  • Digital cure time indicator 0.1 to 99.9 seconds.
  • Indicator lights on the front panel of the Controller provide visual confirmation that the LEDs are in or out of their acceptable range.
  • End of Cycle signal and Error Relay signal available via output connector. 

For a given irradiance, the exposure time required to fully cure the adhesive depense primarily on the properties of the adhesive and the optical properties of the substrate that the light is transmitted through. Item # 97104.