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> Loctite 300ml Pneumatic Cartridge Dispenser Retainer

This Loctite 300 ml Pneumatic Cartridge Dispensing Retainer (code # 98319A) provides the controlled, pressure/time dispensing of adhesives in 300 ml cartridges when used in conjunction with:

  • Loctite Precision Syringe Dispenser (97006) 
  • Loctite Digital Syringe Dispenser (883976) 
  • Loctite Foot Pedal Dispenser with Vacuum (98050).
  • Loctite Foot Pedal Dispenser without Vacuum (98049).

Pressures up to 60 psi can be obtained to effectively dispense low to medium viscosity products and thixotropic gels. This is a newly improved version of item # 98319 that now has a metal retaining sleeve rather than a plastic retaining sleeve.