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> Loctite® Cyanoacrylate Dispense Valve

The Loctite® Cyanoacrylate Dispense Valve, code # 98013, is a normally closed diaphragm valve that provides high-resolution stroke adjustment and results in consistent flow control and bubble-free, no-drip dispensing. This valve is suitable for all low to medium viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesives. The valve has a small profile with a 0.9 inch diameter and 2.5 inch length. It is also a simple design which facilitates field repair.

This valve can be used with an Integrated Dispense Reservoirs to form a complete Dispensing System. 

  • Designed for instant adhesives; retaining compounds; and threadlockers. 
  • Valve chamber is UHMW polyethylene material.
  • Compatible with all Loctite® low to medium viscosity products.
  • Can be used in stationary mounted, robotic, or hand-held applications.
  • Includes 6 feet of 1/4 inch black teflon-lined feedline.