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> Loctite® Robot Interface Junction Box

The Loctite® Robot Interface Junction Box, code # 98549, has been designed to allow the user to quickly connect all Loctite Benchtop and SCARA Robots, to external Dispensing and Curing Equipment.  Allows for multiple external system integrations simultaneously.


  • Simplifies Robot interfacing for all Loctite brand Robots
  • Accepts up to 7 inputs and 5 outputs
  • Provides electrical isolation between the Robot and items being interfaced.
  • A viewing window to monitor device status indicator lights for Robot power, Auxiliary power, all inputs & outputs.
  • Ability to interface NPN & PNP sensors, relays, switches, multiple voltages 
  • Easy connect wire terminals
  • 500 ma / 24 VDC power supply for powering 3rd party devices.