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> Loctite® Soft Press Hand-Held Pneumatic Applicator

The Loctite Soft Press Hand-Held Pneumatic Applicator, IDH # 250052 is designed to dispense high viscosity adhesives and sealants that are packaged in 400 ml, 570 ml, or 20 ounce soft packs commonly known as Sausage Packs or Foil Packs. The Applicator easily applied beads, dots, or dashes of material depending on the application. An integrated air regulator allows for precise adjustment fo material flow rate. 

Product Features:

  • Instant Air Dump Valve
  • Floating Pusher action with Secure Cord
  • Adjustable Air Regulator - 125 PSI Max Output
  • Quick Release End Cap
  • Silenced Air Exhaust
  • Air Hose connector and Nozzle included.
  • Replacement nozzle available as IDH # 582416.