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> Loctite® 300ml Cartridge Pusher

The Loctite® 300ml Cartridge Pusher, code # 98022, is used to dispense Loctite® medium viscosity adhesive from 300 ml cartridges. The cartridge pusher is a front loaded, freestanding device that can be coupled with a Loctite® Single Function Controller 98023, Three Function Controller 98024 or integrated into an existing work cell.

A reed switch assembly is located on the air cylinder. The use of this switch is optional. This switch is equipped with an LED indictor and a connector has been installed to interface with Loctite® Single Function Controller 98023 or Three Function Controller 98024. The reed switch is activated by a permanent magnet located on the piston within the air cylinder. As product is dispensed out of the 300 ml package, the piston will move forward and activate the reed switch. Once activated the LED indicator will light up and the switch will communicate a low level condition to the controller.