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Foot Pedal Dispenser With Vacuum (Code #98050)

The Loctite 98050 Foot Pedal Dispenser is a manually controlled, pneumatic dispenser for use with 10, 30, 55 syringes, and 300 ml. cartridges. It is designed as floor unit to eliminate the need for bench space. The unit is capable of dispensing dots, drops or beads of fluids ranging from medium viscosity liquids to high-viscosity pastes. The dispense cycle is controlled by a manual foot pedal and an adjustable pressure regulator. The easy-to-use system offers quick and easy set up and clean up, resulting in minimal downtime. The unit includes an adjustable vacuum suck-back feature to prevent dripping when dispensing low viscosity fluids. Syringe barrels and airline adapters sold separately.

This item can also be used in conjunction with a Cartridge Retainer 98319A to operate a Loctite manual dispense valve 97111 for low to medium viscosity products.


  • Adjustable pressure regulator, 20-100 psi
  • Easy to read pressure gauge 
  • Typical fluids handled packaged in a 10, 30, or 55 ml syringes and 300 ml. cartridges.