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Loctite Spray Valve and Controller (Code #1406023)

Provide an effective solution for automatic spraying of low viscosity primers, accelerators, and activators up to 1200 cPs with high precision and long term reliability. You can count on consistent performance over a wide range of operating conditions, giving you spray coverage consistency shot after shot. High Performance design ensures effective control and the over-spray and positive valve shut-off virtually eliminates nozzle dripping.

Spray Controller Features:

  • Microprocessor-based timed controller.
  • Fully independent valve open/close and atomization air supply.
  • 3 separate timed sequences:  pre-spray, valve on, post-spray/valve off.
  • Timed or manual mode with foot pedal control.
  • All time modes maintained in memory when AC power is disconnected.
  • Not to be used to apply adhesives or flammable products.

This controller is required for use with the Loctite Spray Valve, item 98520 (sold separately). 

Not to be used to spray or apply adhesives.