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> High Pressure Benchtop Cartridge Dispenser

Loctite® High Pressure Benchtop Cartridge Dispenser (Code # 1046901)

Designed for dispensing high viscosity, single-component adhesives and sealants packaged in 300ml cartridges. It extracts the adhesive from the cartridge and delivers it to a High Pressure Dispense Valve; IDH 1960414 (sold separately) via a high-pressure pump and 2m feedline (both included), thus  providing a completely integrated solution for dispensing drops or beads of high viscosity adhesive.

Compatible Loctite product chemistries include silicone, polyurethane, and MS polymer adhesives. Not to be used for dispensing anaerobic chemistry-based products. This dispenser can be used as a manual dispenser, or integrated with a 97101 controller and dispensing valve for automated dispensing.