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> Pinch Tube Valve for Loctite Posi-Link System

Pinch Tube Valve for Loctite Posi-Link System (Code # 97141)

The Mixer Pinch Valve 97141 has been thoroughly tested before leaving Loctite. No more adjustments are necessary prior to setting up dispense operation. The Mixer Pinch Valve has to be connected to the switched pressurized air that controls the product pressure of the cartridge dispenser. Activating the footswitch of the syringe controller will open the valve and pressurize the cartridge dispenser. After that the product flows through the static mixer and Pinch Valve Insert 97541 out of the nozzle.

Product Features:

  • Provides positive no-drip shut off using disposable pinch tube elements.
  • Valve attaches directly to the end of the square mix nozzle.
  • Shown with square green static mix nozzle (sold separately) attached to the inlet of valve.
  • NOTE:  if used with a 10-50 Actuator, Solenoid Kit # 98671 must be used (sold separately).
  • Includes: Pinch Valve; barbed tubing connector; plastic tubing (1 meter)
  • Not for use with Structural Acrylic adhesives.
  • Replacement pinch tube inserts (10 pack) is available as item # 97541