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Manual Hand-Held Applicator (Code # 97111)

The 97111 Hand Held Applicator is for manual dispensing of single component products up to 15,000 cPs viscosity. It is actuated by a finger trigger that is ergonomically designed for comfort, application control and a low actuation force to reduce hand fatigue. It also incorporates a suckback feature which prevents dripping or stringing.

This valve can be used in conjunction with Bond-a-Matic® 3000 Reservoirs as a substitute to the Vari-Drop Applicator. Since this valve is manually controlled, it is not capable of timed dispensing or compatible with low level sensing. 

This valve comes attached to a 7 foot length of 1/4 inch black feedline so no assembly is required. If dispensing an adhesive over 15,000 cPs, then a 3/8 inch feedline upgrade kit is available (item # 97220) that will allow dispensing products up to 80,000 cPs viscosity.