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> Hand-Held Applicator (Foot Switch activated)

Hand-Held Applicator (Foot Switch activated) Code # 97112

The 97112 Hand Held Valve is for timed dispensing of single component adhesives and is actuated using a foot switch (not included). It is ergonomically designed for comfort, application control, and a low actuation force to reduce hand fatigue. It also incorporates a suckback feature which prevents dripping or stringing. A 7 foot, black 1/4 inch feedline delivers the products up to 15,000 cPs viscosity thru this valve. An optional feedline upgrade kit (item # 97220) will allow dispensing of adhesives up to 80,000 cPs.

This valve must be used in conjunction with a controller and product reservoir. An air signal is sent to this valve which opens the pneumatic actuator, allowing adhesive to flow.

When adhesive low level sensing is required, select the Dual Channel Integrated Dispenser (low viscosity 1390322) or (high viscosity 1390321).