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Vari-Drop® Applicator with 1/4 inch Feedline Tubing and two Spring Guards (Code # 97131)

The 97131 Vari-Drop® applicator is low cost hand, manually controlled held valve suitable for dispensing low to medium viscosity products. The adjusting screw allows repeatable dispense from drops to heavy beads. The quantity applied is dependent upon on the stroke set for the trigger, and how long the operator holds down the trigger.

NOTE: Iitem # 97131 is Vari-Drop® Applicator and includes 7 feet of black, teflon-lined 1/4 inch Feedline Tubing; two (2) Spring Guards; nut and ferrule for attaching the feedline; and a reservoir tank-top fitting.

If only the Vari-Drop® applicator is required, purchase item # 97132 (as shown in the photo).  Photo shows only the Vari-Drop® applicator.