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> Stationary Applicator Valve with 3/8 inch Feedline

Loctite® Stationary Applicator Valve with 3/8 inch Feedline (Code # 97114)

Is a slim, lightweight, patented sealless dispense valve. It has a double-acting cylinder which allows for adjustable opening and closing speeds for increased dispensing control. This valve must be used in conjunction with a controller and product reservoir.


  • Adjustable suck-back feature eliminates stringing and dripping.
  • Modular design of product shut-off valve and valve actuator provides for on-line serviceability.
  • Compatible with all Loctite medium to high viscosity (up to 80,000 cPs) products.
  • Can be used in stationary mounted, robotic, or hand-held applications.

This valve can be used with an Integrated Dispense Reservoirs to form a complete Dispensing System.  See # 1390321.