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> In-Line Flow Monitor Pre-amplifier

In-Line Flow Monitor Pre-amplifier (Code # 97211)

The Loctite In-line Flow Monitor Pre-amplifier (P/N 97211) when integrated with the Loctite Dual Channel Automatic Controller, # 97152; Dispense Valves; and Pressure Sensor Transducer # 8965008 provides effective monitoring of dispense cycle performance.

The Loctite In-Line Flow Monitor amplifies a pressure signal from a dispense valve and relays it to the Controller to be compared against preset dispensing tolerances. The Controller will send an error alarm when dispense events deviate by more than the pre-set tolerance. The system will not allow another dispense cycle to occur until the error is cleared by an operator or external control source. The system can be used as an independent operator controlled work station or interface to an external PLC. 

Product Features:

Effective dispense monitoring to detect:

  • Air bubbles
  • Clogged or broken needles
  • Needle to substrate contact
  • Changes in amount of adhesive dispensed.