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Loctite LED Timer (Code # 960356)

LED Control Timer; For use with only 7700, 7703, 7700-HD, or 7703-HD LED Light Sources for a timed-mode operation.


  • Digital display indicates elapsed time as well as set time.
  • Exposure time can be activated by footswitch (included) or by a remote contact closure signal.
  • Lockout switch locks the operation of all keys on the unit.
  • Digital timer can be set from 0 to 99.99 seconds to allow for fine resolution of exposure times.

For use with:

  • 7700 LED Light Source
  • 7703 LED Light Source
  • 7700-HD LED Light Source
  • 7703-HD LED Light Source

Great for production environments; this LED Cure Timer will result in accurate and repeatable cure times.


  • 24 VDC universal power supply w/AC power cord.
  • Output cable to connect timer to 7700 or 7703 unit.
  • Output cable to connect timer to 7700-HD or 7703-HD unit.
  • Footswitch
  • Operating instructions.