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> Pistol Handle Timer for 7700-HD or 7703-HD

Loctite Pistol Handle Timer for 7700-HD or 7703-HD (Code # 1003327)

The Loctite® LED Pistol-Grip Handle Timer (item # 1003327), when used with the 7700-HD or the 7703-HD LED Light Source, provides accurate and repeatable timed exposures from 0.1 to 99.9 seconds. The crystal time-base circuitry allows for fine resolution settings of exposure times. The AC Power Adapter that is included with the LED Light Source provides the required power for operation. The optional Lithium Battery Kit (item # 1044301) can be used to operate the Pistol-Grip Handle Timer on either LED Light Source as a truly portable curing source with the advantages of a timed cure cycle.

Product Features:

  • Digital display indicates elapsed time as well as set time.
  • Digital timer can be set from 0.1 to 99.9 seconds.
  • Exposure time can be set to either a timed or manual mode.
  • Low battery indicator on Timer handle.
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries (2) included in Battery Kit allows for continual usage of Timer while charging the second battery.
  • Convenient start button located on side of pistol grip.
  • Rugged, aluminum enclosure