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> Bond-A-Matic® 3000 Reservoir

Bond-A-Matic® 3000 Reservoir with Vari-Drop® Applicator, 0-15psi (Code # 982719)

The 982719 Bond-A-Matic® 3000 Reservoir with Applicator is a reliable, low cost pneumatic dispenser for single-component adhesives. The system arrives ready to dispense, complete with a 2-liter pressure reservoir and Vari-Drop® applicator. This unit has a 0-15 psi pressure regulator which is well suited for low viscosity (<3,000 cP) adhesives. The reservoir will accommodate 50 ml. bottle; 200 gram tube;  250 ml. bottles;  1 lb. bottles;  1 liter bottle, and 2 kg. bottle.

Applicator 97111 as an ergonomically designed hand-held dispense valve in place of the Vari-Drop Applicator.

Check out the anti-bubbler kit 984687 that prevents air from getting into the feedline during bottle change-over