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> Benchtop 300ml Cartridge Pusher

Loctite Benchtop 300ml Cartridge Pusher (Code # 478490)

The Benchtop 300 ml Cartridge Pusher (Legacy # 98022) is a designed for dispensing low viscosity product to high extrusion rate pastes. The cartridge pusher mechanically applies pressure to the cartridge plunger using a pneumatically driven ram. The pressure to the ram is set with the 0-60 psi pressure regulator. The regulator pressure should not be used above 50 psi, as the maximum cartridge rating is 60 psi and the ratio on the plunger is 1.1.

Since there is not high pressure air over the cartridge plunger, there is no opportunity for air ingress into the cartridge. The cartridge cylinder and ram are machined to tight tolerances to minimize the potential for skewing the cartridge plunger. A grease reservoir is included which continually applies a thin film of grease to the plunger shaft. If the cartridge cylinder was contaminated, this would prevent the shaft from being jammed (bonded).

The cartridge cylinder can be removed for easy maintenance. The ram is brought to the home position for loading and unloading using the switch adjacent to the regulator. There is a low level sensor that is compatible with the Loctite Digital Dispense Controller (item # 97101), or the Loctite Digital Multi-Function Controller (item # 1022006). A valve such as the Poppet Valve (item # 986300) will be required with this unit.