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> tesa® 64432 Premium Flatback Paper Splicing Tape

tesa® 64432 Premium Flatback Paper Splicing Tape

tesa 64432 is a single-sided flatback paper tape with a very strong natural rubber adhesive. Due to the tough and resistant backing it is suitable for various applications such as splicing, low to medium grit blasting, belting and many more.

The excellent visible blue colour provides easy identification of splices. The temperature resistance makes it suitable to perform even under higher temperatures.

Product Benefits:

  • High tack for immediate bonding
  • High adhesion on board and similar substrates
  • High shear- and temperature resistance for reliable splices and PE-coating
  • Blue color for easy and reliable splice detection
  • Low unwinding force for easy application

Main Applications:

  • Splicing of liquid packaging board on PE coating and printing lines
  • Stencil material for low medium grit blasting
  • Splinter protection tape for indoor mirrors