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tesa® 4308 Masking tape for high demanding masking applications

tesa 4308 is a sligthly crêped paper masking tape which withstands temperatures up to 100°C. It can be used either with 2 component or water based paints. The backing avoids penetration or suffusing of lacquer or paint. tesa® 4308 can be removed easily without any residues. It always leaves clean paint results with sharp paint edges.

Main application:

tesa 4308 has been developed especially for high demanding masking applications in the CBR and transportation industry.

Technical properties:

Backing material Slightly-creped paper
Total Thickness 170 µm
Type of adhesive Natural rubber
Adhesive to steel 4 N/cm
Elongation to break 13%
Tensile strength 53 N/cm
Temperature resistance 100°C


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