KIMTECH* Automotive Wipers

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KIMTECH* Automotive Wipers

To ensure every car you paint is a work of art, it's vital to ensure your work surface is totally clean. Use KIMTECH* Automotive Wipers for better painting quality and greater efficiencies.

KIMTECH* AUTOMOTIVE WIPERS are available in 3 main items:

Code: 38712 – KIMTECH* Primary Tack Cloth

1-Ply Knitted Primary Tack Cloth with excellent low lint performance which is designed for automotive paint-shop use and with sealed edges to ensure that the fibers are held in.

Available in size = 22x30cm. As seen in the picture.

Key features:

Up to 50% better dust holding capacity vs. other tack cloths*

No VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Solvent, silicone and wax-free materials

Thick 211gsm sheets

Sheets comes flat, reducing motion waste and avoiding possible contamination during unfolding


Code 38714 – KIMTECH* Knitted Polyester Wiper

Available in size = 40x40cm.

Code 38715 – KIMTECH* Un-Dyed Microfiber Cloths

Available in size = 40x40cm.